Thomas Guillemaud ; Benoit Facon ; Denis Bourguet - Peer Community In: A free process for the recommendation of unpublished scientific papers based on peer review

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Peer Community In: A free process for the recommendation of unpublished scientific papers based on peer reviewArticle

Authors: Thomas Guillemaud ORCID1; Benoit Facon ORCID2; Denis Bourguet ORCID3

  • 1 Institut Sophia Agrobiotech
  • 2 Peuplements végétaux et bioagresseurs en milieu tropical
  • 3 Centre de Biologie pour la Gestion des Populations

The current system of scientific publication is faced with several serious problems: its cost and lack of transparency and the long time from the obtainment of scientific results to their publication. We also believe that the economic model on which the current publishing system is based perverts the system. We have created Peer Community In (PCI)— ;—to tackle all these problems. This project is based on the publication of critical evaluations and recommendations of articles that have not yet been published, but are freely available in electronic form from open archives on the Internet, in which they have been deposited. These evaluations and recommendations are performed by researchers acting on a voluntary basis with no links to private publishers. Publication costs disappear: PCI validates, distributes and allows consultation of the articles submitted free of charge. The time lag to information access is eliminated: the scientific articles evaluated are deposited in open archives as soon as they are written. The system becomes transparent: reviews, editorial decisions, authors’ responses and recommendations are published on the website of the scientific community concerned (e.g. PCI Evolutionary Biology, PCI Ecology, PCI Paleontology…)

Volume: Academic publishing and digital bibliodiversity
Section: Practitioner Papers
Published on: June 11, 2019
Imported on: May 30, 2019
Keywords: Peer,public recommendation,preprint,review,open science,[SHS.INFO]Humanities and Social Sciences/Library and information sciences

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